Hunting and shooting gear in Mount Isa

Ozzie Outdoors has everything for shooting or hunting enthusiasts, from competitions to recreational activities. We have an extensive range of firearms that can be used on the ranges for clay target, skeet shooting and other gun shooting sports. You can check out the full range of firearms and products we stock here.

Our store also has items for competitive archery and target shooting. We also stock the XBlast Exploding Target System for colourful target practices.

If you’re heading on a hunting trip with your canine crew, you’ll be glad you dropped into our store first. We stock a wide variety of products for you, and your dogs, to make hunting safer. These include:

  • Garmin dog trackers, GPS navigators, remote training devices & collars
  • Duncans Pig Dog Collars chest plate & full body collars
  • Kinetic Technology EPIRB safety alert beacons
  • First-aid kits

You’ll also find a selection of hunting, butchers, and pocketknives, as well as pig sticker knives from Van Diemens Land Knife Co.

Before you head out to the shooting range or on the next hunting trip, visit us today.

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COVID-19 Update

Our online ordering is currently down for maintenance. We are still providing our same in store service at 15 Isa street, along with the current covid-19 guidelines. for any updates visit our facebook page “Ozzie Outdoors”

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